About Us

At the Carolina Survivor Clinic, we provide comprehensive, holistic care to refugees in the Columbia, SC area. Through clinical care and therapeutic programs, our clients have the opportunity to heal from past torture and traumatic events. 

Our Staff

Rajeev Bais, MD, MPH

Dr. Bais, an infectious disease physician, and human rights expert is the Founder and Director for the Carolina Survivor Clinic working with survivors of torture since 2003. Dr. Bais is also an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine training both students and doctors in health and human rights as well as the consequences of the limitations of the human agency of refugees.

Dr. Edwin Hayes II, MD

Dr. Hayes is an internal medicine physician specializing in infectious diseases at the Carolina Survivor Clinic. He has dedicated his life to enriching humanity through medicine, focusing on open and honest communication with his patients to provide them with the highest quality of custom care.

Leoncia Beraho
Case Manager for Outpatient Refugees

Leoncia Beraho is an outpatient case manager responsible for coordinating and providing comprehensive and effective client-centered care for the patients. Her duties include including drafting service plans and monitoring reviewing case progress to help patients and their families achieve wellness and autonomy.