Medical and psychological treatment for survivors of torture and those who have experienced trauma is unique. The staff at the Carolina Survivor Clinic work in the clinical setting and in client’s homes to provide individual and group therapy, with attention to the unique needs of our patients.


With an emphasis on holistic care, the Carolina Survivor Clinic encourages mindfulness for clients and enrolls them in appropriate programs to expand upon their care. Medically, we treat patients comprehensively, with an emphasis on cultural humility to promote healing. Additionally, navigating complex medical systems is challenging for anyone. Refugees who do not speak English nor understand the culture have many challenges understanding medical bills and insurance. The Carolina Survivor Clinic provides medical case management and education services to promote client’s self-sufficiency.

Clinical Services include:

  • Refugee Health Screenings

  • Comprehensive Medical Exams

  • Screenings for torture

  • Individual therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Home visits

  • Medical Case Management

  • Enrollment in Programs

  • Patient Education

  • Clinical Internships/Shadowing for students